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Guinot Facials

Combining the finest French tradition of skincare, the best of nature and state-of-the-art technology. Now using the brand new Hydraderm Cellular Energy machine.

This facial is a 45 minute soothing treatment that combines essential oils, a relaxing massage to hydrate, balance and energize the skin, and a plant-concentrate enriched mask. This relaxing aromatherapy facial restores radiance and lifts your senses to ensure an overall feeling of well-being.


Specifically developed to treat problems associated with mature skin, this facial firms and tightens features in order to rejuvenate the face. A unique treatment method combining firming and regenerating active ingredients- Orange extract, Ginseng and Collagen- along with Mask Thermolift which diffuses heat to improve penetration and cell activity. As soon as the treatment finishes you will see a younger looking complexion and lifted & firmed facial features.

Single Treatment
Course of 3


NEW Hydra Peel

This facial involves 3 steps:

Step 1- Peeling. This eliminates dead surface cells using mechanical action allowing new cells to emerge.

Step 2- Hydra Neuve Massage. This regenerates skin cells and stimulates cellular activity for a renewed skin effect.

Step 3- Hydra Beaute Mask. This peel-off mask soothes and cools the skin to refresh, as well as calming and protecting the skin.

*A patch test is required 24 hours before this facial.

Single Treatment
Course of 3 (incl. 2x Hydra Peel & 1x Aromatic)


Hydradermie 2

A deep cleansing, regenerating facial using dynamic ionisation alongside specific ‘Hydra’ gels to focus on the eyes, neck and face, tailored to your skin concerns. This is followed by thermal energy to increase skin’s circulation bringing oxygen to the skin and giving energy to the cells, leaving your skin visibly rejuvenated.

Hydradermie Age Logic

This facial treatment combines dynamic ionisation used alongside the Age Logic gels, to go deep into several layers of the skin. After the facial we will use specific eye, neck and face creams to suit your skin type. This will instantly make your skin look visibly rejuvenated and bring back radiance.

Hydraderm Youth

This facial treatment utilises all three technologies the new Hydraderm machine has to offer! This combines the Hydraderm Age Logic facial and Hydraderm Lift treatment to give the very best anti-aging results possible by promoting the cellular activity on the skin. By stimulating the muscles it will define the facial structure and lift features for a more youthful appearance.


Hydradermie Lift – The ultimate lifting facial

Hydraderm Lift Express

This express treatment is perfect before an evening out or book together as an intensive course of 10 treatments. The facial re-sculpts and tones facial features using lymph drainage muscle stimulation and finishing with eye, neck and facial products to smooth wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.

Single Treatment
Course of 10
Hydradermie Lift Deluxe

This facial visibly rejuvenates and contours the facial features, using lymph drainage and muscle stimulation to give a ‘body building’ effect on the face. This is then followed by a relaxing facial massage, mask and finished with eye, neck and facial products.

Hydradermie Eye Logic

This version specifically targets the eye area to reduce signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. It rehydrates and regenerates as well as lifting the eye lids and smoothing fine lines.

Add a lift to any other Guinot facial for an extra £25.


Guinot Body Treatments

Sugar Kiwi Body Polisher

A complete body exfoliation treatment to eliminate dry flaky skin and refine the skin’s texture. The exfoliation is followed by a full-body moisturisation to nourish the skin.

Aromatic Body Minceur

This slimming treatment uses an anti-cellulite sculpting massage with detoxifying essential oils and a clay mask to drain and firm the skin.

Aromatic Spa

Aromatic Minceur and an Aromatic facial. Total indulgence!

Pregnancy Pampering Treatment

A mini facial and full body exfoliation with lots of luxurious massage on ankles, feet, legs and lower back, to soothe and revitalise expectant mums.

Hydradermie for the back

Ideal deep cleansing treatment for clearing blocked pores and improving skin texture.


As a courtesy to our professional staff and other clients we require at least 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel or reschedule appointments, otherwise a 50% charge will be made. Missed appointments will be charged at full treatment prices.